Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction:

This agreement is between you and South Harrow Minicabs. When you book a taxi and use our service, it means you agree to follow these rules.

2. Booking:

2.1 Plan enough time for your trip, especially for airport rides.

2.2 Choose the right size of car for your group and luggage.

2.3 If someone needs a wheelchair, tell us when you book.

3. Prices & Payment:

3.1 We give you a price based on the info you provide.

3.2 The price doesn’t include taxes unless we say so.

3.3 If your plans change, the price might change too.

3.4 We wait for 45 minutes after your flight lands, and we cover airport parking. If you make us wait longer, you’ll pay extra.

3.5 After you agree to the price, check your confirmation. If there’s a mistake, let us know.

4. The Service:

4.1 You’re responsible for how your group behaves in the car.

4.2 Don’t eat, drink, or smoke in the car.

4.3 Kids need to be in the right safety seats.

4.4 We can only take as many passengers as our license and insurance allow.

5. Cancellations:

5.1 If you need to cancel, do it as soon as possible. If you cancel after we send the car, you’ll be charged.

5.2 If you booked online and cancel before the car is sent, you might still get charged.

6. Liability:

6.1 We do our best to be on time, but we’re not responsible for delays beyond our control.

6.2 Your stuff is your responsibility.

6.3 If our car breaks down, we’ll try to get you a new one quickly.

6.4 You can’t make us pay for any problems or losses caused by your group.

6.5 We can’t avoid responsibility for personal injuries or deaths caused by our negligence or fraud.

7. Termination:

7.1 We can cancel your booking if you or your group threaten the car or the driver. You won’t get a refund.

8. Miscellaneous:

8.1 We might hire other companies to do the work.

8.2 You can’t pass your responsibilities or rights to someone else.

8.3 We can change these rules, so check them from time to time.

8.4 We handle your information according to the Data Protection Act of 1988.

8.5 This agreement covers everything between you and us.

3.6 These rules don’t benefit anyone else unless we agree in writing.

9. Disputes:

9.1 Any problems or complaints must be made within 30 days of your ride. We won’t listen to complaints made later.